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Pest Control services

Residential Pest Control Service

Home is where you go to feel safe and secure. When Termite, Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Lizards, and rodents unexpectedly enter your home or property, it can be not only an annoyance but also a health risk and can upset the balance and safety of your home. Some of these intruders can carry disease and can cause damage to your home and may even cause injury to you or your loved ones. These unwanted house guests can make you feel imprisoned and overwhelmed. Perfect Pest Control can provide you with peace of mind and help you take back control of your home. We will discreetly, efficiently, and effectively rid your home of any unwanted pests and will work with you to ensure that your home is pest-free.

Perfect Pest Control Services provides round-the-year protection for your family and your home. Our program consists of two regularly scheduled visits every year. As a part of the annual pest control program, we carry out scheduled visits but in case the covered pests return at any time between service visits we provide callbacks at no additional costs.

Many pests occur seasonally. For example, Pests like ants, cockroaches all have seasonal activity peaks. Our aim is to control these pests before they can become a problem for you. The products and applications we use today are much friendlier to the environment than the products which were being used a few years back. This also means you should to vacate the premises for 4 hours after the treatments. Regular applications at scheduled intervals are necessary to control these pests.

Finding Synergy between Pest Management Professionals

Pests descend even on the cleanest premise and can cause stress and disgust among facilities occupants and their clients with their presence. While, the most effective way.

Pest Control services


Pests descend even on the cleanest premise and can cause stress and disgust among facilities occupants and their clients with their presence. While, the most effective way to control pests would be in engaging a professional pest control company; however, there are some challenges even in engaging professionals. A facility owner and manager cannot afford not to know what these challenges are and how they could lead to treatment failure.
A successful pest control management is possible only through a proper synergy between pest control and Perfect Pest Control service providers.


Pests descend because there are points of entry — Rats being supple, even a large one can squeeze itself from under a door; cockroaches can find their way in through supplies and find cracks and crevices to set up their new home; files and mosquitoes fly in through frequently opened doors and so on.
In places where doors are frequently opened, the facility should be protected with air curtains. If physical measures are not recommended by the pest control company to facility management and or facility management fails to implement such measures, even the very best of pest control treatments are likely to fail. It is not uncommon on the part of the PPCS to refrain from taking measures despite the pest control vendor highlighting points of pest entry and the required remedy.


Pests will perish without food; however, even in the cleanest of premises some food might be left uncovered or not sealed enough to prevent pests from entering.
Garbage bins within premises must be emptied out before the end of business every evening. If they must be left indoors overnight they need to be in well-sealed and sturdy containers so that pests cannot find their way in or eat their way in. There should be no food spillage left behind.
Kitchens tend to build up grease and cockroaches thrive on such surfaces, making most pest control products fail. Dust is another friend of pests because most pest control products particularly cockroach spray and rodent baits are not effective in industrial dusty conditions.
The pest control company should highlight their findings on hygiene and sanitation regularly to PPCS. If PPCS fails to improve the conditions or does not implement the recommendations of the vendor, pest control measures could turn ineffective.


Besides identifying entry points, it is also important to correctly identify the pests. If flying alates of subterranean termites are mistakenly identified to be flying ants or vice versa, the treatment measures can be totally ineffective and may cause unnecessary expenditure for the facility manager.
All cockroaches, for example, are not the same. The long brownish and large American Cockroach breed in sewers. If they are mistaken for German Cockroaches and only cracks and crevices within the facility are treated there could be a treatment failure.
All rats are not the same either. The long slender black roof rat generally enters and also hides in higher places in the facility as the name roof rat implies. Whereas the fat brown sewer rats find their way into the premises from the sewers. Location of placing traps or bait stations is critical for optimum results. With termites, visual inspection alone is not sufficient because their entry and presence go unnoticed until the damage has been done. However, with modern technology, it is possible to use detection tools like Termatrac to detect the presence of termites where it is impossible for the human eye to detect. Does your pest control company do thorough inspections with the latest inspection devices and correctly identify the pest?


There is a common misconception that the pest control program is all about frequently spraying pesticides and doing it thoroughly with the most powerful product available. Whereas an integrated pest management program (IPM) utilizes an integrated approach that also includes pesticides.
Physical measures like denying entry, shelter, and food to pests are a vital part of the program as well as using pesticide-free products like electric fly killers, traps, vacuuming, and steam treatments. A professional pest management company will not rely only on pesticides but will rely on all possible measures of IPM. Even when it comes to using of pesticides, professionals would use a gel formulation rather than a spray to contain the product to cracks and crevices where the pest spends 80% of its lifecycle. The IPM approach minimizes the development of pest resistance and is an environmentally sound practice. A program based only on pesticides could fail and is not the best for the occupants of the facility.


Monitoring the effectiveness of the treatment is as important as the treatment. Often, both the pest control company and the facilities manager question or investigate only when a problem develops and do not focus on continuous monitoring for effectiveness and developing problems. Monitoring results and then changing products & methods used are vital to maintaining the facility as a pest-free zone.


Using the right people for the job is important as it could help eliminate the above challenges. Therefore, it is important that the team that services your facility is well trained in professional pest control practices and integrated pest management. Trained professionals can carry out inspections, develop the right program and utilize the right materials to deliver an effective treatment that is closely monitored for effectiveness. Some pest control companies invest in the right equipment and pest control products but sometimes fail to invest in the proper training of the team. Further, the facility manager in many instances does not verify the training and competency of the team providing treatment.


Engaging the right pest control company by the facility manager will minimize all pitfalls in the pest control at facilities. However, the selection process often fails to consider the pitfalls of pest control. Sometimes the decision to engage is made purely on price. The facility manager often sees savings in costs by this approach. The damage of such a decision begins to show only later with the pitfalls becoming obvious. Then it begins to cost the facility manager much more by way of damaged reputation and increased cost in switching providers.

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