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Termite Fumigation Karachi

Generally shortly before and after the annual rains, winged reproductive termites, the so-called Alates, emerge and make a short mating flight. Swarming termites are usually attracted to bright light and can thus be found near windows.  “Best Services for Termite Fumigation Karachi” After mating they shed their wings, which are another tell-tale sign of termite presence

Shelter Tubes:

sheler tube
Termites are very sensitive to changes in humidity. That is why they build mud tubes to protect themselves from sunlight, predators and to maintain convenient humidity levels. These tubes are a good sign of an ongoing termite infestation.


termite damages
As termite workers consume wood, they create honey combed galleries which run parallel to the grain of the wood. There is often more damage than at first thought due to their secretive lifestyle and consumption of wood from the inside out.



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